Bikes are a highly popular means of transportation. Although they are not as prevalent on the roads as cars, 200 million to 1 billion worldwide, they make their presence felt. Motorbikes are highly popular for transport in developing countries while being treated as a luxury item in developed ones. It is the latter that determines the use we are about to discuss.

Much like cars, bikes are not just used for driving from one place to another. Bikes too have their own fun uses in activities such as racing and daredevil stunts, with the latter being a major attraction the world over. Consequently, one can find bikes in a number of different forms and styles. Right now we will be focusing on two of those many forms. Namely, the sports and the track bikes.

The Sports Bike

track bikes vs sports bike


Sports bikes are mean machines that are fitted with a number of heavy duty parts that ensure that the bike performs to the best of its ability. Indeed, a sports bike is developed to offer thrilling speeds, unmatched acceleration, fantastic breaks, and a great ability for cornering. A speed bike is designed to work best on all kind of paved roads and its performance drastically depreciates on any other form of track or road. The optimization of its speed features and breaks comes at a cost, however. A sports bike does not offer comfort or the easiest of rides. So withstanding that is an issue.

There are typically three kind of sports bikes that you can find. They are:

  • Lightweight

Also called miniature sports bikes at times, these bikes are often used by beginners. Offering far greater performance than a four stroke bike, a lightweight bike is great to start off with. Offers displacement of up to 500 cc.

  • Middleweight

Offering displacements of up to 750 cc, these bikes are also known as supersport. They are used in competitions but do not have much of a presence in bike racing.

  • Superbike

The true sports bike, this one offers displacements up to 1000 cc and above. It is the sports bike we commonly see in bike racing competitions, while also being the toughest to control.

Sports bike are not the best choice of transport because they are hard to control, so be extra certain before you purchase one.

Track Bikes

track bike vs sports bike

Track bikes are also called dirt bikes. They are typically used on roads that are unpaved and happen to be mud tracks or unpaved roads. Track bikes are used in racing, daredevil stunts and a number of other uses as well. Track bikes are not the safest of rides. Their small amount of weight makes it easy to get unbalanced and fall over quickly.

They normally consist of the following types:

  • Recreational bikes for fun
  • Trail bikes on mountain trails and more
  • Motocross bikes for the namesake competition
  • Bikes for smaller bikes
  • Dual Sport and Adventure bike, the real track bike for riding across mud trails and tracks